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While the focus of this blog is typically on "the written word" and long articles, I thought you might be interested in some recent material I've recorded, including a 5-minute video for Investment News at the Technology Tools for Today (T3) conference about best practices in social media for advisors, and a 15-minute radio show recording about financial planning industry trends.

On a lighter note, there's also a very entertaining video from last week's Saturday Night Live, showing the ultimate in niche financial planning: Papal Securities, specializing in retirement advice for Popes!

This video was recorded at last week's Technology Tools for Today (T3) conference (which I recently reviewed on this blog) with Investment News, and discusses social media strategy as a form of inbound marketing for financial advisors, including the importance of advisor blogging, how often you should regularly engage on social media to make it work, and some tips for getting started on social media sites like Twitter.

In addition to the video at the T3 conference, I also recorded last week a segment for Blog Talk Radio with financial planner Jim Ludwick on his radio/podcast show "Swim with Jim" - the conversation covered a wide range, from the outlook on upcoming regulatory changes in 2013, to the importance of not just providing good planning advice but actually helping clients change their habits and behavior, to the outlook for tax planning in 2013 in light of the recent American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (the "fiscal cliff" legislation) and the new 3.8% Medicare surtax on investment income.

And finally, on a lighter note, this past weekend Saturday Night Live took an interesting look at perhaps the ultimate niche for financial planning: retirement planning for Popes, courtesy of financial advisory firm Papal Securities. While I'm a strong supporter that all advisors should eventually work towards a niche practice, I'll admit that a niche who's only had one client since the middle of the 15th century may be going a little too far into the long tail. But the video is certainly entertaining! Enjoy!

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