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Recommended Reading For Financial Planners

Financial advisors who read the Nerd’s Eye View often ask me for suggestions on the top books I’d recommend reading.

As a voracious reader, it’s hard to name them all. Many of the books that have had the greatest impact on me have standalone articles dedicated to them on this site (and you can search our archives here). Annually, I also publish a “Summer Reading List” of the top books for financial advisors that I’ve read in the past year. You can see prior Summer Reading lists here:

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Beyond these annual lists, the books below (broken into categories from Investments to Behavioral Finance and Practice Management) are my “all-time” listing of what I believe are the “best books for financial advisors” to read. Of course, the list below is by no means exhaustive, and is something I continue to add to over time, but hopefully these are helpful highlights of what have been some of the more valuable and influential books to me as a financial planner (and business owner) over the years, and should be useful whether your looking for books as a new financial advisor or an experienced practitioner!

  • Books On Financial Planning
  • Investment Books
  • Psychology & Behavioral Finance Books
  • General Business Books
  • Books On Practice Management For Advisory Firms
  • Future of Financial Planning
  • Marketing
  • Advanced Technical Tomes