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We are a team of NERDS

Our Mission

The team at is committed to making real financial advisors better, and more successful.

It is our mission to help advisors who are serious about their craft to fulfill their sacred duty to clients by advancing the knowledge and practice of financial planning. Which we do by being the leading online source of research, resources, education, and training, for real financial planners.

We serve real financial advisors because it allows the work we do to have a 100X multiplier effect. For every advisor we help to educate and grow, they help the 100 active clients they can serve, allowing us to have an even greater reach and impact!

Who We Are

Our entirely virtual team prides itself on creating an environment where everyone can do their best work, and continuously grow their knowledge and skills. We want the work we do at to be something our team wants to show up for every day, because it gives them energy to do their best work and know it is having a positive impact, all in pursuit of helping the advisors we serve.
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Jeffrey Levine

Lead Financial Planning Nerd, Speaker
Department: Editorial
Nerd Cred: Printed out pages of the Social Security Administration's POMS to study on my honeymoon.
Paula Frey

Paula Frey

Engagements Manager
Department: Engagement
Nerd Cred: I used to subscribe to RUN magazine. Once, I almost accidently hit LeVar Burton in the face outside of a Comic-Con
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Associate Planning Nerd
Support the curation, research, writing, organization, and delivery of the nerdiest financial planning educational content there is, from articles to podcasts to presentations!
Michael Kitces C scaled e

For every work task you don’t like to do, someone else’s dream job is to wake up every day being responsible for that. At, it’s our goal to have everyone in a role that allows them to maximize their natural strengths.

What We Value

Our core values are the unbreakable principles that underlie everything we do, every decision we make, and every team member we hire at There are many ways to solve a problem or tackle a business issue… but it’s only a Kitces solution when it’s consistent with our Core Values.


We always act with the utmost integrity in all our business endeavors. We offer the flexibility of working virtually, but expect that all team members will do what they have committed to do, just as we honor our commitments to and do right by our team members. Our ability to serve the financial planning community stems first and foremost from the trust we engender by living and working with integrity; it is up to all of us to maintain our individual integrity, as well as the integrity of the Kitces brand.


We put real financial advicers first in everything we create and deliver as a business, and keep our business model aligned to ensure that we can continue to put advicers first. Consequently, our voice, our objectivity, and our readers’ data, information, and attention, is never up for sale. Maintaining the integrity of our platform requires that we never do anything that could undermine the trust advicers have put in us. 


To be a trusted source, we must be data-driven, evidence-based, and maintain our objectivity. Being the trusted source also means we will Speak The Truth (respectfully), even if sometimes it’s unpopular, to share the information that needs to be shared. We may put forth opinions as thought leaders – thereby becoming the trusted source for new ideas and insights as well – but our perspective should always be evidence-based and data-driven, and the facts we speak should always be judged true and stand on their merits. We will manage our business model to ensure our independence from conflicts of interest that could undermine our ability to Be The Trusted Source.


Every article or resource we create is a deposit in the bank of trust and attention with the advisor community, and every time we make an ask (or make a mistake!) we take a withdrawal. We are committed to building the balance by always depositing far more than we withdraw, being mindful of the withdrawals that we do take, and ideally positioning what we do to be so helpful to those we serve that we even turn withdrawals into deposits.


Not to be crass, but there's just no other way to say it: we are respectful to one another and don't tolerate A$$holes here. That's not to say that we don't occasionally get on each other's nerves or do something that unwittingly frustrates one another. But given that we have No A$$holes, we assume the best of our co-workers and that if there's a problem, we can have a constructive conversation, voice our concerns, and work together to find a resolution.


Just as the platform exists to help financial planners on their never-ending journey of learning, so too are we always on our own journey of improvement. By always learning, and being willing to “nerd out” on our own passions and interests, we are committed to always be curious and always be growing, and recognize that feedback and even (constructive) criticism is a gift to learn from. Small improvements, when you nerd out on them, compound greatly over time.

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