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Our commitment to delivering relevant information to our advisor community begins by asking what our Members want to know. Every month, Michael invites an industry expert to host Members-only Office hours with him, where the conversation is guided by what our Premier Members ask and vote on, from questions on the latest news to challenges and opportunities they’re facing in their practice.

Our Next Office Hours Event

May 20, 2022 @ 3:30 PM EST

How To Grow Your Paraplanner/Associate Advisor To (Eventually) Become A Lead Advisor

The typical financial planner decided to pursue their career path for the opportunity to be of service to others, and grows an advisory firm over time by delivering value to their clients, and getting referred to others seeking the same value. Yet by serving clients on an ongoing basis, it is virtually inevitable that the advisor will eventually reach their personal capacity of clients that can be served, and need to hire a new advisor to support (and perhaps eventually, take over) some of those client relationships. 

The problem, though, is that few financial planners have ever had to hire, train, and develop other financial planners – a challenge most of us become acutely aware of when we hire our first paraplanner or associate advisor for support. 

Join Michael Kitces, and expert guests Penny Phillips and Philip Palaveev, at our next Kitces Office Hours, where they’ll discuss what exactly paraplanners and associate advisors should be doing to create value as quickly as possible, how senior advisors can establish expectations about what success looks like for paraplanners and associate advisors, and the keys to creating a development pathway that increases retention and allows the firm to efficiently scale. 

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In Case You Missed It

We know how busy your schedule can get. That's why we have made our past webinars available for on-demand viewing in the Member Section.

Past Webinars

May 3, 2022

Navigating the College Funding Maze To Cut the Cost of Higher Education

College costs have grown significantly in the past two decades, with the sticker price exceeding $300,000 at some of the most prestigious institutions. At the same time, the student loan debt burden has grown significantly, with total student loan debt now exceeding $1.7 trillion. With these concerns in mind, clients often seek out advisors to help them with funding the costs of higher education. However, training on financial aid and late-stage college planning is a small component of most advisor education programs, leaving many advisors with questions on how they can best assist their clients with the important decisions around higher education costs.  

Join us at the May Kitces Monthly Webinar where expert guest, Joe Messinger CFP, ChFC, CLU, CCFC, will share ideas on how advisors can better guide families through the college funding maze and make more informed buying decisions.

Joe Messinger headshot photo

Joe Messinger, Co-Founder of College Aid Pro™

Joe Messinger, CFP, ChFC, CLU, CCFC is on a mission to end the student loan crisis one family at a time. A proud graduate of Penn State University, Joe is Partner and Director of College Planning at Capstone Wealth Partners, a fee-only RIA based in Columbus, OH that specializes in financial planning for college-bound families. Joe created the innovative College Pre-Approval™ system to seamlessly guide families through the college funding maze and ensure that every student graduates with manageable student loan debt without robbing their parents’ retirement. In addition, Joe is co-founder and Director of Advisor solutions at College Aid Pro®, a groundbreaking financial aid planning software for advisors that is changing the way America shops for college and streamlining the college funding process. He regularly speaks at industry conferences for the Financial Planning Association (FPA), National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), and the XY Planning Network (XYPN). He is also a regular contributor on the Saving For College website and his work has been featured in The Journal for Financial Planning, Financial Advisor Magazine, US News, and Bloomberg.

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April 15, 2022

Hiring The Right Paraplanner To Scale Your Advisory Firm

Advisory firms historically were transactional, focused on how much time advisors could be out 'selling' to get new clients, and supported by administrative staff to handle the paperwork as the advisor moved on to the next new client. The rise of AUM and now subscription fee models, and their recurring revenue, shifts the focus from 'just' getting the next new client, to servicing existing clients with increasingly deep advice services in order to retain them. Scaling advice services for clients necessitates hiring paraplanners, who have a skill set beyond 'just' admin services, to support the planning process. 

In this Office Hours, Michael and expert guests Caleb Brown and Maria King will discuss: 

  • How to write the ideal job description for a prospective paraplanner hire
  • Traits to watch for when hiring a paraplanner
  • How to attract the best candidates to join the firm
  • Best practices in interviewing and vetting candidates to make the right choice
  • And whatever else advisors want to learn! 


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April 5, 2022

Analyzing The RMD And Other Impacts Of The IRS's New SECURE Act Proposed Regulations

When the SECURE Act was signed into law in December 2019, it ushered in some of the most significant changes to the rules for retirement accounts in well over a decade. At the same time, however, the statutory language included a number of provisions that were either ill-defined or left open to substantial IRS interpretation. To fill this gap, the IRS issued Proposed Regulations on February 23, 2022, to reflect the changes to the Internal Revenue Code made by the SECURE Act. And while the Proposed Regulations are likely to be amended at least somewhat before they are finalized, they do provide the best window into the IRS’s current thinking on a variety of issues. Join tax expert, Jeffrey Levine, at the April Kitces monthly webinar where he will review the Proposed Regulations and provide clarity around how taxpayers (and their advisors) can start preparing themselves now for how their individual situations might be affected. 

Jeff Levine Headshot Photo


Jeffrey Levine, CPA/PFS, CFP, AIF, CWS, MSA is the Lead Financial Planning Nerd for, a leading online resource for financial planning professionals, and also serves as the Chief Planning Officer for Buckingham Wealth Partners. In 2020, Jeffrey was named to Investment Advisor Magazine’s IA25, as one of the top 25 voices to turn to during uncertain times. Also in 2020, Jeffrey was named by Financial Advisor Magazine as a Young Advisor to Watch. Jeffrey is a recipient of the Standing Ovation award, presented by the AICPA Financial Planning Division for “exemplary professional achievement in personal financial planning services.” He was also named to the 2017 class of 40 Under 40 by InvestmentNews, which recognizes “accomplishment, contribution to the financial advice industry, leadership and promise for the future.” Jeffrey is the Creator and Program Leader for Savvy IRA Planning®, as well as the Co-Creator and Co-Program Leader for Savvy Tax Planning®, both offered through Horsesmouth, LLC. He is a regular contributor to, as well as numerous industry publications, and is commonly sought after by journalists for his insights. You can follow Jeff on Twitter @CPAPlanner.

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March 18, 2022

Advisor Website Makeover

Join us in March for Office Hours where Michael Kitces and expert guest Taylor Schulte, host of the Experiments in Advisor Marketing podcast and founder of Define Financial, will review website examples shared by real advisors and discuss best practices in how to generate prospects from your advisor website.  

Taylor Schulte, CFP

Taylor Schulte, CFP is the founder of Define Financial, a fee-only retirement planning firm in San Diego, CA. In addition, he is the co-founder of The AGC Community and hosts a popular marketing podcast for financial advisors called Experiments in Advisor Marketing. Schulte has been recognized as a Top 40 Advisor Under 40 by InvestmentNews and as a Top 10 independent financial advisor by Investopedia. When he’s not nerding out on marketing, you can find him traveling with his wife and two sons, searching for the next best carne asada burrito, or trying to master Adam Scott’s golf swing.

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March 1, 2022

Providing Advice That Sticks: How To Deliver Recommendations Clients Will Actually Implement

The business of financial advice is an interpersonal one, and an element of this interpersonal work is what to do when clients struggle to consistently take action. Knowing how to help clients actually follow through is rarely straightforward, and failing to implement plans can damage the advisor-client relationship overall. But by co-creating implementation plans, advisors can help clients achieve higher rates of follow-through and fulfillment. Join expert guest, Dr. Moira Somers at the March Kitces Monthly Webinar and learn how to develop a co-creation environment for clients and yourself and gain traction on financial plan implementation.

Headshot photo Moira Somers

Dr. Moira Somers, Founder of Money, Mind and Meaning

Dr. Moira Somers is a family wealth consultant, clinical neuropsychologist and executive coach based in Manitoba, Canada. She is the Founder of consulting firm Money, Mind and Meaning, and the author of Advice that Sticks: How to Give Financial Advice that People will Follow. Dr. Somers divides her time between consultation/training services and direct client work. Her consulting focuses on the factors that influence follow-through with financial best practices at the personal, entrepreneurial and institutional levels. Dr. Somers serves as the Behavioral Strategist for Knudge, a FinTech firm supporting advisors and clients to manage their shared To Do lists. Moira also works directly with individuals and families who are dealing with the often-surprising complexities ushered in by significant wealth. She is an experienced thinking partner for people who want to examine and direct the ways in which family wealth is affecting one of more domains of life: work, friendships, family ties, and various aspects of identity and well-being. She is a resource for family offices and advisory firms around the globe whose clients are facing challenges related to personal and business transitions. Dr. Somers is a faculty member at the Ultra High Net Worth Institute and at the Sudden Money Institute. She leads the Financial Psychology Special Interest Group for the American Psychological Association.

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February 18, 2022

Setting The 'Right' Fee Structure For Your Financial Planning Advice

Financial planning advice is incredibly valuable, but many advisors struggle in trying to figure out the "right" fees to charge, or even the "right" fee model to use. In practice, the overwhelming majority of advisors charge a 'traditional' 1% AUM fee. But this doesn't always align well with the needs of individual clients. The rise of alternative fee-for-service models provides more ways for advisors to charge to ensure they're getting paid what they're worth... but also creates an even more overwhelming number of choices in trying to figure out what to charge! 

Join Michael and expert guests, Alan Moore and Stephanie Bogan at February’s Kitces Office Hours as they discuss how to set the ‘right’ fee structure for your financial planning advice. 

Alan Moore Headshot Photo

Alan Moore; Co-Founder, XY Planning Network

Alan Moore, MS, CFP® is the co-founder of the XY Planning Network, a support network for advisors looking to serve next generation clients. He is also the CEO of AdvicePay, the first and only compliant payment processor for financial advisors. He currently lives in Bozeman, MT so that he can hit the slopes on powder days.

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February 1, 2022

Applying Behavioral Finance In Your Financial Planning Practice 

An increasing volume of research is making clear what financial planners have long known – that clients do not always act in a purely rational manner. But it’s one thing to recognize that clients sometimes make irrational decisions, and another to really understand what drives those decisions and how to help clients avoid the most damaging mistakes. In this Kitces Monthly Webinar, advisors will learn what the behavioral finance research has shown about our not-always-rational decision-making process, and how to adapt the delivery of their financial planning services to help clients achieve more desirable outcomes through better communication and enhanced trust.

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January 21, 2022

When (And How) To Hire A Business Coach

One of the biggest challenges of growing an advisory firm is that as the business grows, the role of the founder/owner begins to change. Business coaches help business owners get moving. In this month's Office Hours, join Michael and expert guests, Diane MacPhee, Ray Sclafani, and Adam Cmejla as they discuss how to evaluate and pick a business coach, how they went about hiring a business coach for themselves, and what kind of impact coaching has had on them.

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January 4, 2022

Using Risk-Based Retirement-Income Guardrails For More Flexible Retirement Spending

Advisors use retirement-income guardrails as a convenient and easy-to-understand framework to explain when a client needs to make portfolio adjustments in retirement. Withdrawal-rate guardrails are a commonly used framework, but they do not always accurately reflect a client’s dynamic income sources and actual spending behaviors. Risk-based retirement-income guardrails, on the other hand, have the same benefits of communication and clarity while also modeling a client’s retirement income sources and spending patterns more realistically. At this Kitces Monthly Webinar, join Derek Tharp, as he discusses risk-based guardrails and the impacts of the varying associated parameters.

Derek Tharp, Leader Researcher,

Derek Tharp, Ph.D., CFP®, CLU®, RICP® is the Lead Researcher at, an assistant professor of finance at the University of Southern Maine, the founder of Conscious Capital, and a Senior Advisor to Income Lab.

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December 17, 2021

Implementing Client Segmentation By Providing Varying Tiers Of Service

As advisory firms grow, they tend to attract more affluent clients, which ironically can present a challenge over time. Join Michal Kitces, Lisa Crafford and John Bowen as they discuss how to segment clients as your firm grows, including at what thresholds, into what groups, and what exactly to do for some clients versus others!

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December 8, 2021

Kitces Financial Planning Value Summit

During this four-hour virtual conference, you’ll have a chance to see what successful financial planning value looks like, with a unique behind the scenes look at real financial advisors’ efforts to demonstrate their value in their marketing, their financial planning process, and their ongoing advice services. Afterwards, connect with your peers at our Community Event.

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December 7, 2021

End-of-Year and 2022 Planning with Looming Tax Law Changes 

Join Jeff Levine, CPA/PFS, CFP®, Lead Financial Planning Nerd at, for our December Kitces Monthly Webinar where he’ll walk through pertinent details of the new/proposed tax law changes, and provide greater awareness of potential changes and tax strategies to implement before closing out 2021 and start 2022.

Jeff Levine Headshot Photo

Jeffrey Levine, Lead Financial Planning Nerd for

Jeffrey Levine is the Lead Financial Planning Nerd for, Chief Planning Officer at Buckingham Wealth Partners, and is the Lead Creator and Content Expert for Savvy IRA Planning®, offered through Horsesmouth.

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November 19, 2021

Confidently Raising Your Fees With Existing Clients

Join Michael and expert guests Kathleen Burns Kingsbury and Stephanie Bogan as they discuss how to confidently have the fee-increase conversation with existing clients. 

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November 2, 2021

Upping Your Question Game: 25 Questions for Better Client Connections Throughout The  Financial Planning Engagement 

Asking great questions during client conversations is an essential part of the job as a financial advisor. Great questions help advisors gather important information, and great questions can even help motivate clients to take action. Meghaan Lurtz will discuss the different types of questions that are available to advisors as well as how and when to use these questions throughout the financial planning relationship.

Meghaan Lurtz, Lecturer of Financial Psychology, Columbia University

Meghaan Lurtz, Ph.D., FBS™ is a Professor of Practice at Kansas State University where she teaches courses for the Advanced Financial Planning Certificate Program, a lecturer at Columbia University where she teaches Financial Psychology, and an on-staff writer and researcher of financial psychology at

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October 15, 2021

Differentiating Your Advisor Value Proposition To Stand Out With (The Right) Prospects

As more and more advisors offer increasingly comprehensive financial planning and deliver more service to clients, it’s becoming harder to differentiate between every other advisor who is also doing the same thing. At this Month's Office Hours, Michael and expert guests Kristen Luke and Robert Sofia will share what it takes to really differentiate from the competition, including factors that actually lead prospective clients to choose one advisor over another as well as how to avoid "differentiators" that unwittingly lead to just blending in instead of truly standing out.

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October 5, 2021

Utilizing ETFs in Client Portfolios: Opportunities, Challenges and Trends

Join us at the October Kitces Monthly Webinar where ETF expert Dave Nadig, CIO and Director of Research at ETF Trends, will discuss how and why ETFs are so efficient, as well as where they fall down, why focusing on exposure trumps everything else, and how to understand the true total cost of ETF ownership.

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September 17, 2021

Moving ‘Upmarket’ To Attract More Truly-High-Net-Worth Clients

Michael and Matt Oechslifounder and CEO of The Oechsli Institute will discuss what the research tells us about how affluent investors select their advisors (and why they care more about partnering with their advisors), as well as ways advisors can tailor their marketing to reach more affluent clients and increase their revenue. 

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September 15, 2021

Analyzing Biden’s New “American Families Plan” Tax Proposal

In this late-breaking webinar, Jeffrey Levine will take a deep dive into all the details of the latest Biden Tax Plan proposal, and provide his expert perspective on the planning issues and strategies advisors need to consider as the law is finalized in the weeks to come.

Jeffrey Levine, Lead Financial Planning Nerd for

Jeffrey Levine is the Lead Financial Planning Nerd for, Chief Planning Officer at Buckingham Wealth Partners, and is the Lead Creator and Content Expert for Savvy IRA Planning®, offered through Horsesmouth.

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September 7, 2021

Estate Planning With Legislative Uncertainty: Strategies For The Biden (And Other) Tax Proposals

Jamie Hopkins will discuss current proposals and associated drivers that may affect estate planning, as well as the 10 steps of a solid estate planning process that you can easily apply in your client conversations. 

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August 20, 2021

Building A Great Client Experience That Is About More Than Just Great Service

Julie Littlechild, Founder of Absolute Engagement and Dennis Moseley-Williams, Founder of Moseley-Williams Strategic Consulting join Michael for August Kitces Office Hours where they will discuss how the delivery of a great client experience starts with viewing everything about your financial planning process as an experience to be staged for clients, and why, in the end, it's not just about what you do for clients, but what positive changes you bring, and the transformations that are created in their lives.

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August 3, 2021

CRUTs As An Alternative To The Stretch IRA: Opportunities And Caveats

At August’s Kitces Monthly webinar, Jeffrey Levine will share the strategies and nuances of using a CRT to provide clients with the benefit of a lifetime payout as an alternative to the no-longer-available stretch IRA. In this webinar, advisors will learn how the SECURE Act changed the stretch IRA and the impact of the 10-Year Rule as well as the client factors planners will want to look for and consider when suggesting the CRT as a potential alternative to a stretch IRA.

Jeffrey Levine, Lead Financial Planning Nerd for

Jeffrey Levine is the Lead Financial Planning Nerd for, Chief Planning Officer at Buckingham Wealth Partners, and is the Lead Creator and Content Expert for Savvy IRA Planning®, offered through Horsesmouth.

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July 16, 2021

Demonstrating Your Ongoing Value To Charge (Ongoing) Financial Planning Fees

The ongoing rise of firms providing financial planning value beyond 'just' the portfolio is leading more and more advisory firms to charge advice fees in addition to (or in lieu of) an AUM fee. The good news of subscription and retainer fee models is that the advisor can get paid for giving advice beyond the portfolio, and even be compensated for the advice they provide to clients who don't have a portfolio. Learn how advisory firms are explaining the ongoing value that their clients will receive for the advice fees they pay, and how you can demonstrate your firm's ongoing financial planning value.

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July 6, 2021

Rethinking Risk Tolerance

Choosing the “right” risk tolerance questionnaire receives little consideration among financial advisors today, despite being a requirement for FINRA-registered brokers and insurance agents, and a matter of fiduciary protection for registered investment advisors. Michael Kitces will explore what exactly risk tolerance is, how it is distinct from risk capacity and risk perception, what risk tolerance questionnaires are designed to measure, and what it takes to create a high-quality risk tolerance questionnaire that will serve as a useful tool for assessing a client's risk tolerance.

Michael Kitces, Founder

Michael E. Kitces is the Head of Planning Strategy at Buckingham Wealth Partners and is a passionate advocate for evolving, expanding, and institutionalizing excellence in financial planning. In addition, he is a co-founder of the XY Planning Network, the former Practitioner Editor of the Journal of Financial Planning, and the publisher of the e-newsletter The Kitces Report and the popular financial planning industry blog Nerd’s Eye View through his website, dedicated to advancing knowledge in financial planning.

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June 18, 2021

Tax Planning in 2021 and Beyond: Navigating the Biden Tax Proposal

Several major changes are expected under the Biden Tax Proposal, which will impact affluent clients in particular, as it eliminates the tax preference for capital gains and qualified dividends for higher-income households, along with the step-up in basis. Jeffrey Levine and Michael Kitces will answer member questions on the proposed changes and how to prepare for them.

Jeffrey Levine, Lead Financial Planning Nerd for

Jeffrey Levine is the Lead Financial Planning Nerd for, Chief Planning Officer at Buckingham Wealth Partners, and is the Lead Creator and Content Expert for Savvy IRA Planning®, offered through Horsesmouth.

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June 1, 2021

Designing Optimal Decumulation Portfolios With A Total Wealth Approach

To best serve clients in the decumulation phase, advisors must evaluate which risk factors and preferences to incorporate in the plan including age, retirement date, equity allocation, pension wealth, and rate environments. David M. Blanchett, will discuss how to create an efficient and uniquely designed decumulation portfolio for each client using the ‘total wealth’ perspective.

David M. Blanchett, Morningstar Investment Mangagement

David M. Blanchett, PhD, CFA, CFP is head of retirement research for Morningstar Investment Management LLC. In this role, he helps develop and maintain methodologies relating to wealth forecasting, general financial planning, automated investment selection, and portfolio assignment.

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May 21, 2021

Advisory Firm Valuations: Getting A Handle On What Your Business Is Really Worth

How can advisory firm owners create a natural feedback mechanism to understand whether their decisions are maximizing value? Join Michael Kitces , Brad Bueermann, CEO of FP Transitions and David DeVoe, Founder and CEO of DeVoe & Company as they share their expertise on how to get a handle on what an advisory firm business is really worth, as well as the latest trends in advisory firm valuations.

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May 4, 2021

What Actually Drives Retiree Satisfaction From The Go-Go To No-Go Years

In order to help clients achieve the ultimate goal of a happy retirement, advisors must account for the psychological impact of generating income from retirement assets, as well as the physical and emotional considerations that affect retirement satisfaction. In our May webinar, Michael Finke, PhD, from The American College of Financial Services, discusses what actually makes people happy in retirement, as well as the planning considerations specific to individuals in retirement.

Michael S. Finke, PhD

MIchael Finke is a nationally renowned researcher with a focus on the value of financial advice, financial planning regulation, investments, and individual investor behavior. His research questioning the 4% rule of retirement planning was published in the Journal of Financial Planning and won the 2014 Montgomery-Warschauer award for most influential article.

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April 16, 2021

How To Get Centers Of Influence To Actually Refer You Clients

Despite devoting a lot of time and effort to establishing relationships with local “Centers of Influence” (COIs), such as attorneys and accountants, many advisors struggle to actually get referrals from them. Yet referrals from COIs in your target market generate more affluent prospects on average than any other advisor marketing strategy, according to a recent Kitces Research study. So, what can advisors do to generate referrals from their COI relationships? Join Michael Kitces and expert guests Brett Van Bortel and Jeffrey Levine as they share their expertise on what it takes to actually build relationships with COIs that produce results.

Brett Van Bortel, Director of Consulting Services, Invesco

As a speaker and consultant, Brett Van Bortel's focus is helping advisors in the building of strategic partnerships with attorneys and CPAs. He also works to help in the horizontal growth of advisory practices by provisioning wealth management guidance, marketing to age 65+ clients, assisting in the branding of financial advisory firms and scientifically testing for the most effective ways to ask for and receive client introductions.

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April 6, 2021

Advanced Planning Strategies for Executive Compensation Planning

John Nersesian
Head of PIMCO Advisor Education

John will explain to advisors how they can determine a client’s main objectives regarding their stock options, restricted stock shares, and restricted stock options, and apply specific planning strategies to meet those objectives.

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March 16, 2021

American Rescue Plan: What Advisors Should Know About the Latest Stimulus Legislation


Congress has just passed new legislation to provide relief to American people and businesses affected by the economic impact of Covid. Jeffrey Levine will discuss key new rules and provisions, as well as immediate planning strategies that can be implemented with clients.

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March 12, 2021

How To Compensate Employee Advisors For Growth And Retention

Angie Herbers

Chief Executive and Senior Consultant, Herbers & Company

Compensation is one of the most influential drivers of employee motivation, and is often used by employers as a way to guide their team’s behaviors. At our March edition of Kitces Office Hours, Michael Kitces and Angie Herbers will discuss the common mistakes that many financial advisory firms make in developing their compensation models for employee advisors, as well as the drivers behind compensation that actually do (and don’t) motivate employees.

Angie Herbers, Herbers & Company

Angie Herbers is Chief Executive and Senior Consultant at Herbers & Company, an independent management and growth consultancy for financial advisory firms. Angie’s deep experience is the growth catalyst behind many of the largest advisory firms in the US, and the fastest growing startups. Her expertise and research is globally syndicated in domestic and international industry publications.

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March 2, 2021

Rethinking Monte Carlo Results For Better Client Conversations

Derek Tharp

Lead Researcher at

Monte Carlo analysis has become the dominant approach for financial advisors trying to project out and evaluate the viability of a client’s retirement plan. Yet in practice, today’s Monte Carlo software and associated outputs primarily just show whether a current path is viable, and do little to provide guidance about when and how a prospective retiree might need to make course changes to stay on track. Derek Tharp will discuss how to adapt the Monte Carlo analysis and make it more useful and tangible for clients trying to formulate an actual plan for retirement.

Derek Tharp,

Derek Tharp is Lead Researcher at and an assistant professor of finance at the University of Southern Maine. In addition to his work on this site, Derek assists clients through his RIA Conscious Capital. Derek is a Certified Financial Planner and earned his Ph.D. in Personal Financial Planning at Kansas State University.

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February 12, 2021

Finding The “Right” Fees To Charge For Your Advisory Services

Alan Moore

Co-Founder, XY Planning Network

Mark Tibergien

Business Advisor, Mark Tibergien Insights, LLC

Join us in February for Office Hours where Michael Kitces and expert guests Alan Moore and Mark Tibergien will answer your questions about how to price your advisory services and determine the “right” fee to charge, and share the latest Kitces Research data on financial advisor fee pricing.

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February 2, 2021

9 Proven Techniques To Help Clients Change

Dr. Brad Klontz, Psy.D., CFP
Your Mental Wealth Advisors

While financial advisors are taught how to analyze client situations and craft recommendations, there is remarkably little guidance in what to do when clients don’t actually follow those recommendations. Because in the end, helping clients actually change their behavior can be difficult, and the best way to push them forward – without offending them in the process – is not always clear.

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January 15, 2021

Advisor Website Makeover

Taylor Schulte

host of the Experiments in Advisor Marketing podcast

founder of Define Financial

During January Office Hours, Michael Kitces and Taylor Schulte, who wrote the Nerd's Eye View article 2 Ways I Improved My Advisor Website SEO (And How You Can, Too), discussed the do's and don'ts of building your own website as well as provided the best practices on how to create a site that generate prospects.


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January 5, 2021

No Portfolio is an Island: Optimal Accumulation Portfolios

How does one build an appropriate portfolio for accumulation-stage investors? What assets should be considered for an accumulator’s entire portfolio?

Expert guest David M. Blanchett, PhD, CFA, CFP®, will discuss how financial planners should consider traditional investments alongside human capital, housing, and pension assets. Furthermore, David will discuss the risk of each of these assets and how they should be considered with the overall goal of being able to build an efficient, diversified portfolio.

At this Kitces Monthly Webinar, advisors will learn:

  • How to build appropriate portfolios for investors in the accumulation stage of their lifetime
  • Which assets should be considered in an accumulator’s portfolio, more than just the financial assets
  • What contributes, and doesn’t contribute, to the riskiness of human capital, housing assets and pension assets
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