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I get a lot of emails. I do my best to read and respond to them all (truly!), but before contacting me, please take a moment to see if your question is already answered elsewhere on this site. For instance, if you are:
  • Interested in having a Kitces Speaker at your event? Check out our Speaking page for cost and content details, and our speaking lineup here!
  • Looking for a financial planner to work with you and/or your family? You can see more here about our available services for consumers.
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  • Planning to ask if I will write a blurb/review of your upcoming book? I do read a lot of books, but I also get a lot of requests to do book reviews, and cannot possibly do them all. If you want the best chance of success, submit a Kindle-formatted version of your book (not a .pdf file) to BookReview[at]
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