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Purchasing Multiple Kitces Courses


Thank you for your interest in purchasing multiple licenses to our Kitces Online Course. We’ve put together some information to help you decide if this course is the right fit for your team members, as well as the cost of the course.

Kitces Courses for Your Team Members

Pricing for Multiple People

Advisory firms that wish to purchase multiple log-ins to a Kitces Course can receive a discounted bulk rate for the courses based on the number of people they wish to enroll.

Number of People

Price per Person


1 person $397
2-4 people $357 10%
5-10 people $337 15%
11-50 people $298 25%
51 or more Please contact us


Pricing for Multiple Premier Members

Firms that have already purchased Group Premier Memberships for their team members can also purchase courses for their Premier Members at the Premier Member Price plus a discount based on the number of courses purchases.

Number of People

Price per Premier Member


1 person $297
2-4 people $267 10%
5-10 people $252 15%
11-50 people $223 25%
51 or more Please contact us


Purchasing Multiple Courses for Premier Members and Non-Members


If a Group would like to purchase multiple courses for a mix of Premier and non-Premier Members, they can still receive a bulk discount based on the number of course registrants. The non-members would have the discount applied to the regular course price of $397 while Premier Members will have their discount applied to the Premier Member Course price of $297.

For example, if a Firm purchases 8 courses, and has only 3 Premier Members, then they would qualify for the 15% discount on all course prices, and their invoice would be calculated as follows:

8 Courses = 15% Discount

(5 x Course Price) + (3 x Premier Member Course Price) = Total

(5 x $337) + (3 x $252) = $2441

Can I Purchase a Group Subscription and Multiple Courses?


Yes. Kitces Group Subscriptions allow multiple people at a single advisory firm to enjoy all the benefits of Premier Membership at a discounted group rate, including:

  • Unlimited on-demand access to our CE library
  • Ever-growing webinar library with new additions monthly
  • Live Office Hours with Michael Kitces and other industry experts
  • The Kitces Report research whitepapers
  • Practice Management tools and downloadable graphics
  • Individual member login pages to add CE designations, track quizzes taken and store CE competition certificates
  • Automatic submission of completed continuing education credits directly to IWI, the CFP Board and American College on a semi-monthly basis (the 1st and 16th of the month)

To be eligible for a Group Subscription at discounted rates, the group must have a single point of contact who will make a single annual payment for all members of the group. (Whether you allocate these costs internally amongst your group members is up to you!)


Group Membership and Course Prices

Number of People

Premier Membership



Total Price per Member

1 person $189 $297 $486
2-4 people $170 10% $267 $437
5-10 people $160 15% $252 $412
11-50 people $142 25% $223 $365
51 or more Please contact us

How to Purchase Courses For Multiple People


To enroll participants in the course, please fill out our Course Purchase Inquiry and attach a spreadsheet that includes the names and email addresses of each member you wish to enroll in a Kitces Course.

After we receive your information, we will calculate your price, and send you an invoice based on the discounted pricing. Once paid, everyone will receive an individual email to welcome them to the course and provide login details. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].


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