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Master List Of Financial Advisor Conferences For 2024-2025


October 15-17 | 
Minneapolis, MN | 

XYPN LIVE has become the go-to event for advisory firms trying to figure out how to more efficiently scale advice itself, with sessions on topics from how to transition to and roll out a non-AUM fee-for-service offering for clients, leveraging paraplanners and associate advisors to make the advice delivery process more efficient, and “productizing” your advice offering to make it easier to market intangible advice services.

In addition, XYPN LIVE also includes an “AdvisorTech Expo”, which typically showcases 6-12 new up-and-coming technology solutions specifically focused on scaling advice – not ‘just’ scaling portfolio management for AUM clients – to catch a glimpse of the latest emerging technology to make it even more efficient to scale advice.

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Price: $299-$699
Type: Hybrid
Content Focus: Advisor Marketing, Behavioral Finance, FinTech, General Planning, Investment, Practice Management, Retirement, Risk/Insurance Planning, Tax Planning
Channel: CFPs, Experienced Planner, FinTech, RIA
Organizer: Private Organization
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