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Master List Of Financial Advisor Conferences For 2023-2024

Money Quotient Retreat

October 25-27 | 
Portland, OR | 

The Money Quotient Research Consortium recently updated a 15-year-old study to explore how demographic shifts, economic uncertainties, environmental threats, political transitions, global unrest, and a worldwide pandemic have forever altered the needs and expectations of financial planning clients. The key question explored was “Have the factors that foster higher levels of client trust and commitment changed over time?” At the 2022 MQ Retreat, lead researchers Carol Anderson, M.S. and Deanna Sharpe, Ph.D. will present the results and discuss the implications of this groundbreaking study.

In addition, notable scholars and practitioners will use this information as a springboard for sharing insights and knowledge that will equip advisors to meet current challenges and to serve as beacons in the lives of their clients for many years to come.

Price: 1400
Type: In Person
Content Focus: Academic, Behavioral Finance, General Planning
Channel: CFPs, Independent BD, RIA
Organizer: Private Organization
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