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Most of the people who visit this blog come for one of two reasons: they’re searching for financial planning guidance and expertise they can trust to solve a problem in their personal financial lives, or they’re a financial advisor searching for financial planning and practice management insights they can trust to solve a problem for their clients or their business.

In all cases, what we’re searching for online boils down to the same principles: information you can trust to solve your problems.

The good news for you: that’s what we do. We provide thoroughly researched expert information you can trust, to help you solve the challenges you face. It’s written here on this blog, and I’m also available as a speaker to share my expertise at your event.

And we give away as much of that information as we possibly can, because I have a fundamental belief that information wants to be free. And not just free because it’s loaded with third-party advertising; really free, because we want you to have a good experience when you visit this website, as you find the answers to your questions.

Of course, your search for answers may not be over. If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, check out our Search page to scan through the nearly 1,000 articles on this site. Or sign up to get our latest updates, as if yours is a problem we haven’t written about yet, it may be just the thing we’re about to write about next!

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If you’re a financial advisor, you can even sign up to get IMCA and CFP CE credits just for reading our articles! The Members Section of our website gives you access to requisite quizzes necessary to earn continuing education credits, along with a subset of premium content include The Kitces Report newsletters, advanced educational webinars, and practice management tools and resources you can use.

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Need More Help? We Have Solutions.

I realize that for some people, information alone isn’t enough. You want fully assembled solutions, or at least some help to implement the ideas you’ve read about. Fortunately, we’re here to help with that, too.

For Consumers

Our financial planning solutions for consumers cover the full spectrum. There are advice solutions that include retirement planning, comprehensive wealth management and risk-managed investing solutions. We also have a network of advisors who can work with you to provide financial advice on student loans and other debt, cash flow and budgeting, career advice, and more, for an affordable monthly fee.

Financial Planning Solutions for Consumers

For Advisors

For financial advisors, we have an ever wider range of outsourcing and other solutions, from support for your portfolio management and back office needs, to recruiting for new financial planners, accounting/bookkeeping services for your practice, and more.

Solution For Financial Advisors

Work With Michael Directly

If you’re interested in engaging me directly, beyond our financial planning and advisor solutions noted above, there are a few ways that you can work with me.

Book Me As a Speaker.

I have been a speaker at events for financial advisors and the vendors who serve them for more than a decade, delivering hundreds of keynote and breakout sessions on topics ranging from practice management to retirement planning research and the latest cutting edge tax planning strategies. I will be accepting a maximum of 50 paid speaking engagements for the upcoming year, so if you’re interested, please reach out soon before my calendar is completely booked!

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Hire Me To Consult.

I work with a limited number of vendors who serve financial advisors, providing my perspective and guidance on the needs of financial advisors, trends in the industry, and opportunities in navigating the competitive landscape. My consulting services are available for both 2-hour and full-day sessions.

Hire Me

I also participate in a very limited number of Advisory Board engagements from year to year, generally adding no more than 1-2 per year.

If you are a financial advisor looking for practice management consulting, check out our Pinnacle Advisor Solutions offering, or I’m happy to refer you to other practice management consultants I know.

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As the business world changes and evolves, so too do the services and solutions I provide. Signing up for our mailing list is the best way to keep abreast of the latest we offer… in addition to receive all of our Nerd’s Eye View blog content as it’s released!

If you’re interested in services beyond the details noted above, feel free to contact me directly to explore.